Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bargain Christmas Present Idea??? Tech Pet Interactive Puppy

 It will be my 5th Christmas as a Parent this year and I have learned my lesson.

 Note to self - Do NOT start shopping in December

Anyway I have been told about an amazing offer from all entertainer stores around the UK

Meet Puppy *Please note you will need a iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPod Touch

Ideal for children aged 8- 16 ( including Men of all ages)

The Tech Pet is interactive, he can bark, perform tricks and wag his tail.  He responds to voice commands
and also dance along to your music.  The puppy can even interact with other Tech Pets using bluetooth.

You will need 3 AA Batteries

It costs £19.99 at the moment of posting. Was £59.99 and so a massive 66% off

You can search your nearest store HERE

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  1. Oh wow! Lol, it's one step up from a tamagochi that's for sure! x


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