Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How self hypnosis is helping my anxiety!

 I have mentioned in my blog that I used to suffer from anxiety and at the moment I am trying to keep calm and not get it again.  I think I naturally have anxiety but it is controlled.  I am unfortunatly one of those people that worry and panic!
 At around 28 weeks I started to feel borderline anxious and knew I couldnt go through it again, I did a quick google and came across Birth and Beyond hypnotherapy.  I listened to a free relaxing mp3 and the next morning I felt 'in control' so I signed up for the course!  Now I am not anxious about the birth, my anxieties are irrational.  I think what wasn't helping me at the time was I was anemic therefore i was tired and when I'm tired I get anxious!  
  The reason self hypnosis is helping me is that it re-educates your unconscious mind that the situations when you panic is not a dangerous one and helps to remove the effects of panic.  Hypnotherapy allows your mind to think positive thoughts and allay the negative thoughts that creep in and take over!
 I will be listening to my mp3's regulary to help me!


  1. I suffered with anxiety and depression after Daughter was born - it's so horrible! I'm glad you've found something that works for you.

    Cutting caffiene out really helped me - I was drinking 6 cups of regular tea a day - and now I don't miss it. Decaf tastes fine, and I actually have more energy since I don't get the peaks and troughs associated with 'crashing'.

    Does the company that did your birth hypnotherapy do a normal one? Would love to givet his a try...

  2. Hi, Its something that you have to have had to understand don't you think? Yes I would say it is working better than tablets did. I do drink a bit too much caffeine, which tea bags do you use? as the last decaf I bought tasted of flour, this was in my last pregnancy!
    There are 2 free mp3's on this blog 'tums2mums' in the freebies section but Im sure she does mp3s you can buy not for birth. To be honest the mp3s I have listened to I use for anxiety in general not birth, they are so good! Let me know if you take it up :)


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