Monday, 29 October 2012

Bump Pictures from 16 weeks to 35 Weeks Pregnant!!

I thought I would put together all of my Bump Pictures on one post so you can see the growth easier! I have small 'neat' bumps even though right now I feel huge :)

13th June 2012- 16 Weeks Pregnant
 At 16 Weeks I barely even looked pregnant but I was so tired due to a few days after this Photo we moved house!!
9th July 2012- 20 weeks Pregnant
  By 20 weeks I had a noticeable bump ..
4th September- 28 Weeks Pregnant
18th September 2012- 30 Weeks Pregnant
 At 30 Weeks I seem to have popped out :)
6th October 2012- 33 Weeks Pregnant
 By 33 Weeks I was very proud of the shape of my Bump!!

11th October 2012- 34 Weeks Pregnant

20th October 2012- 35 Weeks Pregnant

This Photo above looks like a smaller bump but It was taken the same week as the Photo Below :)
23th October- 35 Weeks Pregnant
I can't wait for Bump to turn into Baby xxx

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