Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Do you want your Children to Drink Milk? Cravendale #Epic Straws is the Answer...

 My daughter who is 3 years old rarely drinks Milk other than on her cereal so when I saw that we could review the Cravendale #Epic Straws I jumped at the chance!

 First I let Annabelle Explore and she practiced her Maths skills by counting and sorting!  As she is only 3 mummy helped her and I got very into it! I did try and make some great creations but I think i need a bit of practice.  We made a few creations and Annabelle loved creating with mummy!
We took our creation into the kitchen however Annabelle decided she wanted to use 1 straw and hold her creation! She is a princess you know ;)
She drank a lot of milk as well as blowing bubbles but she enjoyed herself!
Maybe not the creative design but thanks to the #Epic Straws Annabelle and I were able to be Creative and Enjoy milk at the same time, now thats Magic!!

If you would like to find out more about Cravendale straws take a look HERE at their website


  1. my kids love drinking milk through straws.. and blowing huge bubbles that mean milk goes everywhere!.. fun... and messy! B

  2. Aww its great isn't it! I used to love doing it myself :)


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