Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pregnancy Week 32

   32 weeks pregnant and im just starting to feel 'Pregnant'! I am getting tired and to be honest very snappy with my other half.  Of course its his fault :) My head wants to do more than my body can take, like tidying, cleaning the house, the normal mummy things really!  I enjoy blogging and entering competitions but i hate having an untidy house!
  I have been looking into saving more money, I feel if we can cut back on money is some ways we do not need to worry about it as much!  I looked into my food shop, I usually shop at Aldi which works out cheap but as I found out I was lacking in iron I thought I would prefer more home cooked meals.  So I bought a weeks worth of food to use in the slow cooker ( tea time) and my shop came to £41! Which is cheap! However we have wasted £6 on unused meat and I'm rather cross! We also have ended up buying a takeaway pizza! (taps hand)
  Anyway back to the pregnancy! My bump is measuring a couple of weeks under but I am defiantly growing!  Also little baby boy is stretching and even though its lovely its a bit uncomfortable!  In my last pregnancy I suffered with sciatica in the last few weeks and it looks like its returning :(  Its in the tops of my legs and um well that region hehe!! I remember I would be washing up when pregnant with Callum and just sit down in pain! When I do the housework now i suffer after! On occasions I get Leg Cramps at night, they hurt especially when you cant reach you leg! ahhh!!
  I have a bump buddy on baby centre and she has just had her baby nearly 6 weeks early! Its made me realise that i could be in labour any time! Quite scary really!  Best pack a hospital bag!

 Here is my Bump at 32 weeks

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