Thursday, 11 October 2012

Review- Bella Mama Xanthe Breastfeeding Top

  I was very excited when I was asked to review the Xanthe breastfeeding top from Bella Mama.  Even though it is a breastfeeding top it is suitable in Pregnancy due to the stretchy soft jersey material called viscose which is a natural fabric made from beech trees and has a feel of cotton.
  It will be fantastic when I have had baby no3 as I plan to breastfeed and last time I only bought 1 breastfeeding top which was awful.  I am quite fussy about maternity and pregnancy tops as hate it when tops are cut lower at the back! How silly in my opinion!   The Xanthe top is long so can be worn with Leggings which is fantastic as I live in them! Its has a easy to pull aside drapped overlayer covering the nursing openings.  I can tell that everything will be covered when I breastfeed, I had no confidence in breastfeeding in public and  hope that this time I won't be sat in the toilets to feed!

  I love this top, I love the colour, its called Smoke Blue but is a purple colour to me.  It fits well with my pregnancy shape, not tight and is very comfortable.  After having my baby I could fold it up as will have a  post- natal tummy but still need to feel confident!  I originally choose a size 12 as that is what my other maternity tops are however it was too big on the top half as I am not very big.  The size 10 fit perfectly.  There is a chart here where you can measure beforehand here just to help making the size chose!

  The Price of this top is £34 which is a great price as can be worn in pregnancy as well as post birth and  I think a top that makes the transition into breastfeeding in public essential.  I will let you know I get on in approximately 6 weeks!!
The Long Sleeved Bella Mama Xanthe with the breastfeeding opening
The top I reviewed - Bella Mama Xanthe 

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  1. Looks lovely! I may invest in some good nursing tops this time as it will be nicer in winter not to have to get too much out!


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