Tuesday, 2 October 2012

4little1 Baby nose-clear Room Vapour Review

 For the last few weeks we have all had colds and seem not to be able to get rid of them.  Callum has suffered the most, a cold and teething is not the best mix for a good night sleep for either Callum or Mummy!  We were kindly sent the Baby nose-clear room Vapour to try out!

  Information about the 4little1 Room Vapour

Room Vapour                            

It is a baby decongestant snuffle blend which consists of Lemon which has brilliant antibacterial properties, Tea Tree to help fight infection and Pine which is known to help restore strength after illness.  The Vapour helps clear congestion to improve breathing, feeding and promote a restful sleep.  It is made with 100% pure and natural oils and does not include toxic synthetic fragrances or propellants.

How to use the Room Vapour?
Add a few drops to a warm bowl of water in winter when you have your radiators on, add a few drops on a damp cloth and place over the radiator.

What do we think?

 The Vapour is in a handy size bottle that has a safety cap on so little hands can't get it off!  When Callum was it his cot all settled I added a few drops to a small bowl and placed it in his room.  Very soon I could smell a lovely relaxing aroma which even relaxed myself.  I went back to Callum soon after and he was fast asleep.  This was a miracle as due to his teething and cold has been taking a while to drift off to sleep.  It obviously doesn't get rid of a cold but colds go on there own accord for little children.  It is a great product and would defiantly recommend it.  The Price is £6.99 which is quite expensive but due to the natural ingredients and effectiveness of the product it is worth every penny!  Also i will use as part as their bedtime routine as if its relaxes them then it aids a good night sleep, I may even have in in my room as I get anxious easily!

Finding more information?

4little1 Website HERE

4little1 Facebook page HERE

4little1 Twitter page HERE

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