Thursday, 8 November 2012

Review- Halos N Horns Fruity Toothpaste

We were very lucky to be able to review Halos N Horns Toothpaste. It is suitable for 6 years and under and has everything that should be in a toothpaste except SLS (Soduim Lauryl sulphate)

 My 3 year old Annabelle hates the taste of toothpaste and it was becoming difficult too get her to want to clean her teeth.  She was very happy with her new toothpaste.  She loves the taste as its Strawberries and Banana and even asked for more to be added to her brush.  She also likes that she can put it on the toothbrush herself when mummy says of course :) She pointed to the little fruit characters and was telling me what fruit they were.  I think Annabelle's favourite thing was that the colour is Pink, her favourite colour.

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