Monday, 9 January 2012

A Twitter Find- Abizz Fashion

  If you have a twitter account you will get messages from companies advertising their business which is what twitter is all about, well for me its entering the competitions :)
  Most of the business's haven't caught my eye, down to cost to tell the truth.  I had a tweet from a fashion business last night, I had a little look and I was very impressed.  Our family is in the situation that we don't have much money for spends so all expensive items are just for window shopping!!
  I would like to add this is not a sponsored post, I actually offered to share her products with my followers.

  The company is ' Abizz Fashion ' and they sell a mixture of accessories, from jewellery to handbags all at reasonable prices!!

  Here are some of my favourites

   £3.50    £5.99

   £4.95 each£3.99

At the moment Abizz Fashion has an offer ...  Free Delivery on all Fashion Jewellery!!!

Here is Abizz fashion's..


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