Saturday, 28 January 2012

Supporting Breakthrough Breastcancer Campaign

 Kate over on  Kate on Thin Ice is looking for 90 bloggers to support her campaign to support breakthrough BreastCancer.   Whats fantastic is that by greater awareness, better screening and improved treatments more people are surviving from Breast Cancer.

 To join in all you have to do is write a blog post consisting of 90 words about a special female in your life, then link up your post on the linky on this page. Why 90 words?? because this reflects the 90 numbers in the game of bingo.  Pink Ribbon Bingo have pledged to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer all year round with 15% of the gross revenue accrued through online play on the site donated to charity.  Visitors also have the opportunity to donate a percentage of their winnings directly to the charity.  Along with the fundraising element , Pink Ribbon Bingo and The Daily Mail online will be helping the charity to raise awareness by promoting their vital health messages such as TLC (Touch, Look, Check)

 So hear is my words, maybe not 90 but wrote from the heart.

Dear Mum,

  Before becoming a mummy I didn't realise how hard you worked (I can just imagine you nodding your head with a little smile )  You did so much for us and I didn't know because I didn't understand. But I do now!! Sorry for being a pain :)  When we meet up now we don't have much time to talk well without being interrupted by one of three little monkeys! I don't have time to tell you the little things I love about you as we end up talking about other people more than ourselves.

 I love the way you open your door with so much enthusiasm when we come to see you and I feel so wanted
 I love the way you don't tell me you are annoyed with me for forgetting to give you things back like your carpet cleaner, you have it back now phew.  Our garage misses it :)
 I love your fashion sense, you look beautiful every day and I love that everyone says your mum is gorgeous, just wish you saw that too
  I love the way you have looked after me and guided me, proud of me whatever I do

 Mum I am proud of you, you are amazing and my best friend

 I love You xxx


  1. She must be very proud of you! what lovely things to say!

  2. Thank You! I actually showed her earlier today and she cried with happiness x


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