Thursday, 26 January 2012

Right Guard Ultimate Woman's Antiperspirant Review

I was asked to review ' Right Guard Total Defence 5' which is said to be  the ultimate woman's antiperspirant for 48 hour protection. I was told it had 5 key benefits that for us mummies are a must!!  It comes in three varieties, Invisible(no white marks), Sensitive (no irritations) and unscented( doesn't clash with perfume)
 The 5 key Benefits are

1.    Fights perspiration
2.    Prevents odour
3.    Long-lasting freshness
4.    Heat response formula adapts to your level of activity
5.    Low residue 

 I was sent sensitive and Invisible to test and review.  I love the great value size which is 250ml but a smaller handbag size is available 125ml.  For me, in the only time is tend to spray is just before I get dressed.  I don't  have handbag size products as when I go out I think nappies, wipes, cream and drinks!!  Maybe one day!!
I do have slightly sensitive skin as in the past I have used products from other brands and it has caused me to have a rash so I always stuck to the same brand (wasn't Rightguard) and was for sensitive skin.
 I used Right Guard for sensitive skin first and I was very impressed, no rash at all.  The smell is very subtle in my opinion which is exactly how I like antiperspirants to be.  The bottle will last me a long time as its huge!! If i was a person that regularly exercised to keep fit this product would be great as I would be so cost effective.
 I also tested the invisible antiperspirant and this was also kind to my skin although i did notice a slight difference when spraying and I saw no white marks on my clothes ( I tested this) !
  I would defiantly recommend this product as it does what it says on the bottle.  I have been for many walks with the children into the village, these walks are very stressful as my two year old does not want to cooperate, so I end up lugging her back home, our home is up a hill so you can imagine by the time i'm back home i'm exhausted!!  I will tell you i'm not sweaty or in the slightest, prior to this i would change my top as I can't stand feeling damp or smelly! which i'm sure all you mummies feel the same!!  If you have sensitive skin I would recommend you choose the Sensitive spray.  Right Guard Total Defence 5 sensitive works just as well as Invisible at keeping you dry.

Total Defence 5 is also dermatologically tested and full price is approx £2.89 for the 250 ml bottle and £1.99 for the 125ml bottle.

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  1. Antiperspirant as a sweat stopper to plug the pores, releasing sweat all day, every day. While this may sounds silk wearers and athletes are in antiperspirants, aluminum-based chemicals may cause harm to your body.



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