Thursday, 5 January 2012

Loved helping my Grandad sort through his vintage Photographs!!

 Last Saturday, I was aloud out, childless!!  I had promised my 82 year old Grandad that I would help sort out his photographs, after my lovely Nana passed away nearly 2 years ago they have just been sat in the spare room on a table.
 As the photos are from 1940's or after I do not know everyone, so I asked if he could tell me all the names and I would write them on the back.  I really enjoyed looking at all the photographs that were mostly in black and white.  My Grandparents when they were about 20 years of age actually looked like film stars, my Nana always said 'I was a beautiful young lady when I was young' and she was right.  I saw photographs of my Nana's mother, my nana, and my aunty, my aunty now is the spitting image of my Nana back then.
 I saw some photographs of my Nana and Grandad's wedding, how times have changed, the dress was made by her Aunty and the wedding after do was at home.  She looked wonderful.  I will let you know some stories of my Nana in another post as she was one of a kind!!!
 I saw a letter from my 2nd cousins in Australia, some of my family including my Nana, grandad, Aunty and Dad emigrated to Australia in the 1960's however my Nana was severly home sick and they returned 5 years later.  I am thinking of writing to them as they are family after all!!! What do you think?
 I am so grateful I was able to look through with my lovely Grandad, it was a very memorable moment for me.  I am going to make a scrapbook style photo albumn for him and anyone who wants to look, I know my Nana would have loved it !!

Love to my Nana and Grandad xx

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