Friday, 6 January 2012

Impressed with Big Brother, well Natalie Cassidy !

 I don't usually write about what I watch on TV but thought I would as it has stuck in my mind, maybe silly but has!
 I thought I would add that the last 2 years I haven't watched more than the 1st show as it was so b.o.r.i.n.g !!

  But as Phil was out, I thought 'why not' as its going to be all over facebook I may aswell had watch it myself.   Natalie Cassidy who was Sonia in Eastenders was the first celebrity in the house, you may have watched her on her show when she was pregnant, I am a big sucker for shows like that.  She was given a task which was to follow instruction via ear piece from Big Brother, if she failed, each time a housemate suitcase would be removed!  It was very funny, giving Frankie from xfactor a kiss, apologetic to a fellow housemate she had an argument with, I just loved it!


 Did anyone else see it?

 What did you think :)

 I have just read she failed! I thought she did so well!!


  1. I struggle to understand how / why BB is still so popular! The first season yeah - everything was new and undiscovered. It was something different. Now everything is hammed up for the cameras and already been done before. Am I just O-L-D now or what??

  2. I was like you, still am when it comes to the normal big brother, like i said, never watched that for couple years! To be honest it was funny, if it stays funny i will watch it!

  3. I agree, I thought she did really well! Used to be a big BB fan but have definitely gone off it. I'll prob just catch up every now and again. Over from Jax's Blow Your Blog Horn by the way, nice to find a new blog!

  4. Hi Steph!! Thank you for your comment!! yes i have it on in the background and listen to what I want too! Will come over to your blog x


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