Sunday, 23 December 2012

Update on how Late Pregnancy was for baby no3

  When I got to about 38 weeks my pregnancy got so much harder.  I think this was because I had to look after 2 children who are 3 and 1 years old and as we have 1 car so I was doing the nursery run as well as dropping my other half at work and collecting him at 6pm!  Seriously the only thing that got me through was my radox bath at 730pm each night!

This is my last bump photo! It was 8 days before I had him!!  

 I luckily was sleeping well at night as the day was so tiring! If the children were arguing I had to jump up and once I fell over before I got to them due to shooting pains in my groin which was either sciatica or engaging pains! A few days before I had him we went to do a few jobs like go to the bank.  We then went to b & q and when I got out of the car I had what pregnant mums to be called 'daggers' and I couldn't stand up or walk I was crying in pain!  We went straight home and I got into the bath for relief! Needless to say I am not missing that! 
 My due date was the 22nd and as my daughter was born on her due date so I was getting very impatient! I tried bathing in clary sage oil but to be honest the smell was vile! My friend said try Pinapples so off I went to Tesco.  I actually enjoyed eating Pinapples and Cream!  That night I massaged my feet with the clary sage oil and baby oil! However the following morning I was so tired and didn't want to labour!  I did not know that this was my last day of being pregnant!!

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