Sunday, 23 December 2012

My Water Birth Story

  Well I was 5 days overdue and that morning had decided that I was going to have a lazy day and didn't want to go into labour. So I got the duvet and snuggled on the sofa with my Callum and Annabelle. When Callum was in bed I ran a bath and added radox without the clary sage just incase it set me off. I also had a bad stomach and needed the loo!
In the bath I though bump was a bit still then I could see my stomach tightening and seemed regular but choose to ignore.
Got out of the bath at 230 and I got a crampy feeling and then another, started to time and they were every 5-7 minutes apart. It was all in my back and so I was leaning over in which my daughter thought I was playing horsey and tried to climb on my back! Poor thing as she got the wrong reaction, Rang mum and my other half and they came asap as I was panicking as my Callum had woken up.
By 430 my contractions were 3 minutes apart and I rang labour ward. I went in and was 3cms. Pretty gutted as was 6cm with my Annabelle when I got to hospital. I must have had a better pain threshold then. She asked me to use a birthball in the waiting area and see how I get on. About 1 hour after that the contractions were more intense and the midwife said lets go to the labour room. The gas and air were waiting and I grabbed it so fast! So used the ball and gas and air, my other half massaged my back when I got a contraction. The pool was ready and I got in about 8! I had felt the pressure feeling all the way through the labour but it was getting more intense but the gas and air was helpful. Then about 9 I started to push and the midwife asked me not to use gas and air. Joseph William was born after 12 minutes of pushing and luckily only had graze. The midwife pushed Joseph under me and I caught him, it was amazing!

We got skin to skin for quite a while after and he fed from me very soon with him rooting. I was so lucky to get another waterbirth it such a lovely new unit, blow up pool, lights that change colour, warm room. We went home at about 1am as its a midwife led unit but I was happy to as we live a 2 minute drive away from the hospital.
So even though I didn't want to go into labour my body/baby did! Maybe it was the pinapples or clary sage I had rubbed into my feet day before, who knowsSmile


  1. Sounds like a lovely relaxed birth. I am hoping for water birth this time so hoping everything goes well here too. Gorgeous children x

  2. Thank you! It was a great birth experience even though i had the back labour! I hope your birth goes well for you! Not long for you!! Thank you they are gorgeous little monkeys!! x

  3. I had 2 water births and can honestly say they were amazing! After my first one, all I cared about for the next labour was that the pool was free. I'm pretty sure if someone had been in there, I would have joined them!! Lovely birth story :)

  4. I felt the same as you after my first birth which was the water birth. Luckly I knew I had a better chance this time due to more pools in the new unit! Haha I know that feeling though my thoughts were to drag them out haha !! Thank You x


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