Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Mission in life..... is to Teach

 Since becoming a mum 5 years ago,  a lot of things changed in my life including my dreams, my desires.  Except one thing, my mission to teach others.

 Prior I wanted to teach Children in a Primary School, I even went to university for a year but realise it wasn't the path for me.

 When I got pregnant with Annabelle my plan was to go on maternity leave then become a child care assessor and teach adults to become nursery nurses or classroom assistants.

 When I had Annabelle that plan disappeared.

  I then KNEW what I wanted...  I wanted to be a stay at home mum.   I didn't want someone else looking after my daughter whilst I was out at work.  I didn't want to be earning my money and paying childcare near enough the same.  What was the point.  My daughter was only young once and I was not going to let work stop that special time.

 However as lovely as it is spending all day and night with your children it is also amazing to be bringing money into the household.

  Every path I take takes me to one thing I love, teaching.  Whether its teaching children or adults.  This time my mission is to teach others that there is a better way of life.

 I want to get my message to the people in the world that need to know that struggling each month to pay the bills shouldn't be their reality, that having to work and not spend time with their children does not have to be the only way.    I want to teach others that they can have an amazing life and a business they love, its not a dream it can be a reality.

My main mission comes from the heart, it is to show the mums out there that you can be a stay at home mum AND a work at home mum.

 You do not have to choose work or stay at home, why not have both.  I know lots of mums that feel they have to work as its the only way to pay the bills, the mortgage but are sad and jealous that other mums can stay at home with their children.  Or stay at home mums that struggle to pay the bills, that don't have a lot of money to take their children to nice places, even playbarns.

Whatever circumstance is not ideal for most mums.   I will show mums and teach them how to have a business and life they love.  This is my mission.

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