Wednesday, 22 October 2014

28 Weeks Pregnant Update with Baby #4

So last Friday I turned 28 Weeks Pregnant, I can't believe it the time is flying by and he will be in my arms before I know it!

This last week has been a bit crazy, I am a busy mum anyway with having a 5,3 and a 1 year old but having other issues to deal with at home, financially it takes the fun out of pregnancy at times.  I know we are on the up though!

I have been feeling down about the birth since I got pregnant, Ive had 3 great births but due to having anxiety it plays on my mind so I have started hypnobirthing audios and really enjoying it! I will fill you in on my plans soon!

                      Here is the Bump Below!!

Symptoms- I would say the major symptoms are sciatica and heartburn! Luckily they are not both constant! Every Morning when I stand on my feet all I can feel is a sharp pins type feeling for a few seconds! Its been happening over a month and I spoke to my midwife and its sciatica! Doesn't surprise me as thats what I suffered with last time, even after I had Joseph.

Cravings- Well this week my weird smell cravings have started.  I had this in my last pregnancy! I loved the smell of certain cleaning products, radox bubble bath and more! I did read last time there may be a connection with low iron, or I may have dreamt that! haha!

Sleep- I find it hard to switch off.  Partly becuase I I was used to staying up quite late, partly because I feel a bit anxious! I listen to a pregnancy/labour recording on youtube to help me drift off every night! 

Maternity Clothes-  Im actual still not in any maternity clothes, however I live in leggings!

Stretch Marks- No

Missing anything- I'm not really missing anything, however I won some wine the other week and its slightly annoying I can't drink it at the moment !

Movement- I mainly feel baby in the evening as I don't get a lot of time to rest with school runs and small children to look after.  I have to admit I don't feel the baby moving loads, I've got a anterior placenta so a lot of the moments are cushioned.

Gender- Boy

Happy or Moody- Bit of Both! Its hard work being pregnant around 3 young children as you can imagine!

Best Moment this week- Feeling little limbs when the baby moved last night! 

I am looking forward to- my next scan is at 30 weeks, i'm really looking forward to seeing baby boy again!

                                                     Victoria x

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