Sunday, 19 October 2014

How I became a Mumpreneur

I want to take you back previous to working online so you can get a better view of where I was to where I am now. 

Before I had my Daughter Annabelle I was a Nursery Nurse in a lovely Private Nursery in Cheshire.  I had worked there for 3 years and did work my way up to a supervisor of their after School Club.  Back then I always felt I wanted to do something more challenging and started a Teaching Degree in the evenings, once a week.  My aim was to become a Primary School Teacher so I would earn a good wage for my family.

When I became a mummy to my first Child Annabelle, Phil and I decided that it was financially better for myself to be a stay at home mum as I would pay out in childcare fees what I had earned that month.  We relayed on Phil's wage and a top up of tax credits, which isn't a lot with 1 child.  When Annabelle was nearly 1 I started to work as a mother's help and as I only had 1 child my mum easily could look after her for the 5 hours each Monday.  If I didn't have my mums help I would have had to put Annabelle into childcare which I wouldn't have done as in my opinion the money would not have been worth it.  That job didn't work out, and thinking about it now, I just wanted to make my own money and have some me time as well as some independence.

A Year later I then had a 2 year old and approx a 6 month old and wanted some independence.. again, something also for me... again.  As much as I am grateful and was grateful to be a stay at home mum it could be lonely and you do miss doing something that satisfies you other than your Children.  This is when I started my mummy blog, I wasn't bringing money to the household but I was bringing free toys, baby food etc that I was reviewing.  It was exciting as my blog was like I was running a little business, creating content, interacting with other bloggers, viewers and also pr agencies.  I felt accountable.  I also found blogging by chance via facebook, I loved it and it really helped my anxiety I was prone too.

2 Years later when I had 3 children, a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a baby I felt like I didn't want to blog for free products anymore, I wanted to have the money to buy the products myself.  Also I felt I was really juggling the children and the blog and I didn't know what I was going to get out of it, I had lost my enthusiasm, I was quite unhappy.  It didn't help the fact that due to our finances, my other half swapping jobs as he had to, we were not getting along very well.  I am sure anyone worrying about their finances especially with young Children is finding their relationship tough.

I knew I loved blogging however I wanted to blog for money, I came across online marketing which was completely new to me,.  But I wanted independence, to bring money in, and be able to look after the children myself if the worst happened to our relationship.  It's quite hard to write private things such as the fact we nearly separated but I want you to see the whole picture.

Working online as a Mumpreneur really suited me, I could still be a stay at home mum, have something for me, bring money to the household.  It changed me as a person, my outlook on life changed 3 months later.  I will go into that on the next post.

  I am still a stay at home mummy to 3, almost 4 but also I searched for something to make our lives better for the future.  So now I have this blog to share my journey with you as a stay at home mum and a mumpreneur!

                       Hope You Are Having a Great Day, Victoria x

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