Friday, 31 October 2014

Want to achieve something? Decide on your why!

Hey Everyone!

  Today is a post linked to my Younique Youtube Channel, I created a video explaining why you have to decide what your why is.  This can be for anything in life that you want to achieve whether its business, fitness, health, relationship etc.

 When you start something you are confident, motivated, enthusiastic and inspired but on your journey you will meet obstacles whether its to do with you or something else, you loose confidence. motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration but to keep going you need a reminder of why you started the goal, what was it going to do for you and others around you.

 This happens to everyone, this is why people start the gym and give up after a couple of weeks, but if you had your 'north star' your focus of what you want to achieve it makes the journey easier.

 I hope you enjoy this video....

                                                            Have a Great Day, Victoria x

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