Thursday, 30 October 2014

Being a stay at home mum and running a business!

Hey Everyone!

If you don't know already I am a stay at home mum to 3 young children and a run a Younique Business which is based on social media.

I've been wanting to keep this blog only for my mummy posts and I set up a Mumpreneur blog for my younique/business type posts but.... my life consists of both so I've decided not to seperate the two as, as my business grows, I will be doing more things with my family because of it so why hide it?

My business is cosmetics and I know mums love makeup, so reviews and demos I'm sure you will love! Especially that its new to the uk, if you are from here that is!!

My business posts are about goals, being positive, what you do on social media, etc, so spreading positivity and knowledge won't hurt.

I hope you enjoy my posts and my new journey as I am very excited for myself and my family!

                                                                                        Love Victoria x


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