Sunday, 23 June 2013

How does your garden grow?

  This post is an entry for BritMums #KidsGrowWild Challenge.  Britmums teamed up with site to bring flowers to life with the help from little pals. 

 When I was a child  remember my dad was always in the garden digging up the soil, planting flowers and most of all enjoying his garden with a cup of tea, listening to the birds and in my memory the sunny weather.

  I have to admit I have not gained his gardening gene, probably down to the fact I hate bugs, I know very silly.  He blames my mum for my fears, poor mum! However if I wear a pair of gardening gloves I am safe from the creepy crawlies!  I loved (and still love) watching my flowers grow from seeds, waiting to see which colours will appear.  I remember bringing a cutting off the flower sweet william from a school trip and have never forgotten.  I think Gardening is so important for children to learn about plants, flowers and nature.  

  We were kindly send a gardening kit and seeds from little pals to get into the gardening spirit! The kit consisted of a child's pair of gardening gloves and some metal gardening tools so the children can get stuck in.  We went to the local shop and bought some pots for some of the seeds to go.  In fact I am painting them so this task gave me some inspiration.

 Here is Annabelle and Callum getting the soil ready

Annabelle and Callum enjoyed planting the seeds in the compost and checking the growth each day.  Children are very curious and love doing things all the time such as playing in dirt!  What I love is that the children will learn to care for something in time and respect nature as recently the flower at the end of the garden has been plucked.  They are also learning about the cycle of plant life.

  The positive of the rain is that the children have understood that their flowers need water and have enjoyed exploring.  Annabelle must have enjoyed herself as she drew this perfect flower on the tablet, proud mummy here !!

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