Thursday, 13 June 2013

Gumigem Teething Necklace Review

All mums know that when a baby starts teething everything tries to go in their mouths.  One of those things is necklaces as when you are holding them, its there and looks great to play and chew with.  However fashion jewellery is too dangerous.  Luckily for us Gumigem from the uk created safe chewable jewellery, clever arn't they!

Gumigem silicone jewellery are 
  • soft
  • washable
  • flexible
  • non toxic
  • chewable

 As you can see by the photographs above Joseph and myself love the Gumigem Necklace we were sent to review.

 Here is a image of the necklace I was sent

It looks great and is very comfy as a necklace.  I am very fussy as since I became a mum I can't stant anything getting in the way of a mums day to day jobs. Bending to pick up your child trying to avoid hitting my baby in the face with my necklace.  I actually stopped wearing any time of jewellery, sad really.  However this necklace ticks all the boxes.  Its not to long or too short and is very comftable and not forgetting stylish.

Here are some other styles i love.

GUMIGEM website is HERE, Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE

Disclosure- I was sent a GUMIGEM necklace in exchange for a review

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