Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Save the British Bee with Disney's The Hive

Have you seen a bee in your garden recently? You may not have done as the number of wild british bee has been dropping.  Bee's are an important role in boosting the economy due to their contribution to the food industry, agriculture and associated trade.

A lot of research has been made with this worrying issue thanks to the commission of Disney's The Hive Toys in association with the bee charity Adopt-a-Hive .

A poll of British families has revealed that one in five (20%) children under 10 have never seen a wild bee.  It showed that 20 per cent of the 2000 UK parents surveyed are unaware of any drop in British wild bee numbers, despite well documented coverage on the issue.

Despite the catastrophic forecast predicted for both the environment and economy, nearly one in five (19%) parents admit they would find summertime more enjoyable without bees, with sixteen per cent admitting they find bees a massive inconvenience – three per cent even admitted they think bees eat honey and a further two per cent associate bees with noise pollution!

This worrying indifference was further highlighted with almost half (46%) of parents unaware that the decline in bee numbers will have an adverse effect on the economy*.
Tony Gray, Beekeeper and founder of Adopt-a-Hive, commented on the research: “Bee numbers have been on the decline since the sixties and I am shocked and saddened by the number of children who have never seen a wild bee. The popularity of the characters from Disney’s The Hive can play a key role in educating children – and their parents - on the plight of bees. This campaign is all about raising awareness and helping to educate people on ways they can do their bit to save the British bee.”

There is a ongoing campaign to help raise awareness to families on how to save our bees.  The Hive Toys will be offering lots of prizes for families over on

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