Saturday, 13 April 2013

I will only relocate if I can take my mum

My other half has been made redundant and is searching for another job.  The thing is in his line in I.T there are no jobs in our local towns in Cheshire.  The jobs are in the cities, mainly London.

So the choices are

  • for me to stay at home all week looking after 3 children and Phil staying in cheap accommation 

  • Move to another part of the UK

I have lived in this area all my life.  My children were all born in the same hospital as me.  My mum lives 5 minute drive one way and my Dad and step mum live 5 minute drive the other.  My Grandma and Grandad as well as my other Grandad live 30 minutes away.  I love that I have family around even though I do all my child care without a babysitter its great to know they are there.  

Annabelle is starting Primary School in September and we find out Tuesday if she has got into the school and if she has I would be very sad for her not to go there.

I have friends here.  Yes I can make new friends but I like the ones I already have.

My children have an uncle that is not that much older and they are almost like a sibling relationship.

All in all this is my home and I am happy here.  I have anxiety at them moment and its probably got a lot to do with this.  

Cross fingers that an opportunity comes about here in something else.


  1. Victoria
    I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you to make a decision. You can't make it overnight. I say that as somebody who has moved abroad two times for her partner's work. I also don't live in the city I was born in. I moved to England from Germany in 2007.

    I can see your points but living in a city like London can be very exciting. Do you own a house or do you rent?

    For your husband to rent a 'cheap' room in a city like London can be more expensive than you might think. Especially if he works in Central London and wants to live close to work. Otherwise you need to add travel costs to the already high rent prices. It is very hard to find a room in a decent area for less than £100-125 a week. Not only would you have rental costs, travel costs but he would also need to commute between the city and your place at the weekends. I know a few families where the partner works abroad or in another city during the week and they come home on Friday night and leave on Sunday night. For one of the families it works very well.

    Looking forward to hear from you,

    Twitter @GermanGirlinLDN

  2. Thank you Nadine for youre comment its lovely to have some support.
    I do love London but its so different to here. I sound like a baby don't I when you've moved countries.
    The jobs that he can only look at in London are contract jobs as there is only him working. But you're right the prices of everything down south are higher for a reason.
    We have to take everything into account and if hes earning more we should be living a lot better and if that doesn't happen it is really not worth it.
    There may be something totally different in our local town which is not I.T but he really is interested in it!We would be slightly better of than we are now which is brilliant in my opinion but its a joint decision. We rent x


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