Monday, 15 April 2013

We had an amazing time at the Start-rite Shoes Press Event

We all got invited to the Start-rite Shoes Press Event organised through the lovely Jessica from Markettiers4DC.  I jumped at the chance. I love Start-rite shoes and the advantage of being a blogger is you can have opportunities to meet the people who work for the brands and products you love.

 I told both Children that they were going to walk down a catwalk in some new shoes. Callum didn't understand at all and Annabelle was very concerned how she would hold a cat down the catwalk, she said 'by its neck'.  I quickly eased her worry that there was to be no cats there.

 The event was at the South Bank Centre situated by the Thames which I have to say was a fantastic location especially for my camera mad other half, ' Phil don't even think about stopping on the bridge to take a photo!' .  I have to mention this as it was so funny but maybe you had to be there anyhow they have a lift in the south bank centre which actually sings the floor you are going past, I was in stitches whereas Annabelle looked very confused, this does not happen in the Tesco lift at home.

  We were greeted by another member of the Markettiers4DC team who introduced us to the Start-rite Team who were very busy getting the right shoes on the right feet.  Annabelle and Callum had 2 pairs of shoes each so that meant two catwalks.  Annabelle and Callum seemed quietly confident and they were very well behaved I have to say.  I think it had something to do with the excitement of wearing such gorgeous shoes.

 Luckily a children's entertainer dressed as a clown had been organised who was fantastic and showed all the children how to confidently walk a catwalk.

 Annabelle and Callum were up first, I was slightly worried about Callum but Start-rite agreed they could walk down holding hands.  They walked beautifully it melted my heart.  They received lots of 'aaaaahs'.  On the second walk Callum spotted his Dad and had to give him a kiss before returning to finish his walk.  I think Phil secretly enjoyed the other women's response to Callums's sweetness.


 Annabelle modeled these are gorgeous canvas shoes that I knew Annabelle would love instantly and I was right. The design is beautiful, lots of girly colours and of course sparkles.  What is great about this shoe is that it has shoe laces but a zip up the inside so they are easy to put on and off.


 She did try on these in her size but the size was actually too big for her petite feet.  They were gorgeous well made strong shoes but the style has never fitted Annabelle well so due to Start-rite's decision and safety for Annabelle they put this gorgeous pair of sandals to model and Annabelle loved them

Callum's Shoes were these gorgeous pump like blue shoe.  Callum has never been a lover of shoes and most of the time tries to go shoe less but during the nicer weather loves this style of shoe and rarely takes them off.  They are strong and supportive which is ideal for a adventurous little boy.


The other pair of shoes he modeled was this brown pair.  They are a great shoe that could be used for day to day or special occasion and suit boys of all the ages.

We were very lucky to take away 1 pair each as a Thank You.  I choose COMO for Annabelle and AHOY for Callum.  I am writing up detailed reviews with close up photographs.

 They have wore them everyday since the event.  I have also found Callum asleep in them.  Therefore actions speak louder than words :)

 We had a fantastic time, we were able to chat to the Start-rite team about the different show collections and  have a look at lots of different shoes.  The entertainer was brilliant and I was laughing at the act.  Annabelle still talks about the event now.

  After seeing and getting to try on the shoes I am a fan and believe that from now on I will spend that bit more to get the quality that my children little feet deserve.

  Thank You Start-rite :)

Do Check out Start-rite's Range of beautiful shoes HERE and go see them with you're own eyes store locator HERE

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  1. Lovely shoes, i just LOVE the como ones, and the little boy i childmind has the naples ones. They are good shoes.


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