Monday, 15 April 2013

Its National Reflux Awareness Week 15th-21st April

Joseph has got a form of reflux which was not picked up by the health professionals, it was picked up by myself due to friends and online information.

Callum had it too, I knew about reflux but thought that it was just if the children were sicking up their milk.  I had gone to doctors a numerious amount of times to be told its just what a babies like.  Only with my knowledge of Joseph I feel upset that Callum was in pain all because a lack of doctors knowledge.

This is not right is it?  I am sure there are doctors out that that understand reflux but if you are an unlucky patient then this is not fair.

Joseph and Callum's reflux was and is mild in comparison to other children but it was still the hardest 7 weeks.  I was crying out for help.

This post is to help spread awareness to parents and future parents about Reflux and the implications on families.

Here are the amazing supportive organisations.....


  1. both of mine suffered with this too. no fun for them or us. will be reading more of your blog, just saw your comments on pbloggers chat

    1. I know its horrible as its not nice to see your baby suffer and you end up suffering too ! Thank you for stopping by x

  2. I would love for you to share this at the <a href=">Friday Baby Shower</a> - we are bringing together a collection of posts this week on new baby health that can help other mums who are going through the same experiences, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

  3. Thank you so much for linking up at the Friday Baby Shower - look forward to seeing you at this week's party, Alice x


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