Thursday, 11 April 2013

Start-rite Shoes Catwalk Live Today with Faye Sawyer from This Morning 1230pm

Start-rite shoes are holding a live catwalk tomorrow at 1230 pm and you can watch it from the comfort of you're on home!  At the Bluewater shopping centre children will be modelling the latest fashions whilst Faye Sawyer a fashion expert you have seen on ITV's This Morning is there to answer you're fashion related questions. 

  We were very lucky to be invited to a start-rite catwalk event and Annabelle and Callum had a fantastic time showing off their gorgeous shoes to the audience.  I was so impressed with the range whether it was the first shoes, autumn winter or spring summer collection.  You will love all the footwear from start-rite shoes I am sure.

 I don't know about you but I love children's fashion more than my own.  I do buy clothes second for play but head the shops for the special occasions.  All clothes no matter if they are second hand or new its great to learn fashion tips.  

I want to be a cool Mum!!!! Do you??

  So to join cool mum (or dad) fashion club tune in on my blog tomorrow on this post at 12:45.

 Start-rite facebook page is here
 Start-rite YouTube page is here

 If you would like to ask Faye Sawyer a fashion related question please use the box below.... 

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