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Yoomi Feeding system Review

After reading so many fantastic reviews on the Yoomi Feeding System I decided to see if they wanted another blogger to review.  They kindly agreed.
This is what I recieved.....

Yoomi Feeding System- Bottle,  warmer and pod

 How did I find the instructions?

 There is a lot of information about how you sterilise and how to use.  I had to read a few time as I was concerned I would go wrong as there is a lot of information.   There are a few different ways to sterilise and prepare the warmer.    I had to us the hob as I didn't have an electric steam steriliser.                 

Did it work?

It did work on the first 2 occasions, I prepared and pressed the button and it heated up and Joseph fed really well.   Due to him having anti reflux milk which is thicker some of the milk didn't get through but if he was on normal milk that would not have happened.
However on the third and fourth attempt after the time stated that it is to be sterilised on the hob and ready for use I prepared the bottle ready for the night time feed it didn't work.  This wasn't brilliant as Joseph wanted his bottle there and then.  So I had to take the .... out and heat in the microwave which isn't the plan when having one of these bottles.

 I also noticed that the button was hard to know if it was working as when you press it you don't hear anything. I then asked Yoomi and they did tell me that as it was heat sensitive so don't have to press hard as from experience it hurts.

 I don't understand why it happened as I followed the instuctions, I actually read them  very carefully and there is a lot of guidence. Yoomi were also confused why it had not worked.  Luckily I was sent a electric steam steriliser from another company and  I used that as I had no confidence in the hob.
Warmer in its pod

Did Joseph like it?

  Joseph is happy drinking out of it and I have to say the temperature is perfect and heats up very fast. Great for a inpatient baby!

Why I like it?  

I think the middle of the night feeds are the worst for any parent as who wants to get up and go downstairs from a lovely warm bed to a cold kitchen? Not me! So having the bottle beside the bed at the ready is a luxury.  As I have had (and got) postnatal anxiety, one of the things that used to set me off it having to get up in the middle of the night.  The adrenaline used to flow through my legs it was horrid.  If only I used to have this bottle when I had to get up would have settled my anxiety!  

Do I recommend it? 

Yes I would recommend this product for those awkard moments of bottle feeding like when you are out and have to find a cafe then ask for them to heat it.  Then being told 'we can't use a microwave so can put it in hot water' then waiting whilst you have a crying baby.  Whereas if you had a yoomi bottle ready in the bag.  Just press the button wait a short time and off you go.  Using it for every feed isn't in our personal budget unfortuntly but that decision would be up to the indivudual.

Very Content

Happy JoJo
More information about the Yoomi Feeding System?

  • It can be recharged up to 100 times
  • BPA free
  • Anti Colic Teat
  • Warms in 60 Seconds

What is the cost?.

The feeding System I received costs £28.98 but its on offer for £24.99

If you wanted to buy an on the go kit which consists of 2 8oz bottles, 2 warmers and 2 pods this would cost £50 but currently £45 on offer.

Special Offer

Yoomi would like to offer my readers 15% discount Code.... Great offer to try out Yoomi for yourself.
Enter BEINGAMUMMY at the checkout

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