Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I am a Guest Blogger over at M.O.N.S.T.E.R MUMMIES

MONSTER Mummies  I have been very lucky to become a guest blogger over on M.O.N.S.T.E.R MUMMIES blog.

 If you haven't already heard of M.O.N.S.T.E.R MUMMIES  I will fill you in.....

  M.O.N.S.T.E.R MUMMIES  is a blog that is run by 4 women who met in 2011 after meeting through a social networking group for babies born in September 2011. M.O.N.S.T.E.R  stands for Mums Online Network of Support, Trust, Encouragement and Respect. The blog has been a lifeline to many mums through pregnancy, and beyond and continues to do so.

 What is my guest post about?

 As a qualified nursery nurse I have got experience of how children and their parents react when they first start child care whether the child is a baby or 3 years old.  As both the parents and the child have a natural attachment which can be unsettling  to be parted I have wrote a post that may help parents.  I have wrote my experience as a nursery nurse and advice when choosing a setting as well as the difference as a parent.

 Please take a look and check out M.O.N.S.T.E.R MUMMIES

 This is an extract of my first guest post as a monster mummy!!!

Attachment when a child first starts a childcare setting

 Before I became a parent I was a nursery nurse in a private day nursery and observed lots of different reactions to a child starting at the setting. Only now I can see both the parents point of view as well as th
e staff's.

All children are different and we never really know how they will react until they start. What is great about a child care setting is that there is approximately two visits prior so the parent can stay with their child if they wish. The visit sessions are there to give both the children and their parents an insight into the daily routines in that setting as well as getting to know the staff, children and the environment. Click Here to Read More

                                                 Hope you enjoy and find it helpful x
p.s - M.O.N.S.T.E.R MUMMIES is on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE

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