Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Would you like the most amazing family Photographs? Look no further....

 I have been following a very talented photographer on facebook for a while now and love looking at all her photographs.  They are beautiful and each one is so different.  What I love is that the photos look real, real smiles, real laughs, she is capturing real family happiness not this say cheese rubbish! :) You actually go out with Jade for a day and have a lovely family day out.

 I am planning on booking with Jade this summer as we have no family photographs up, its such a shame!

 I contacted Jade and she wrote why she created the video and sent me some photographs to show you.

Jade langton-evans photography

Jade Langton-Evans

The idea behind our new video came from feeling like I really needed to show the world and my clients who I am. People see my images everywhere and although sessions are personal and people love to share my images I really wanted people to meet me in some way and see why what I do is so different and wonderful and feel a connection between me and my work. I'd been planning this idea for a video over a year and a half before it was finally planned,completed and shared so it was a very exciting project that I was just so excited to share. I decided to choose two completely different sessions. A family session and a childrens session, both in amazing locations and both completely different themes. I wanted people to see who I am and why I love my job so much, not only all the details, time and thought process that goes in behind the scenes but to also how much fun we have and how relaxed and lovely it is to make beautiful memories together. The end result is to show people that the love of family and the wonderful imaginations of children can be captured in a beautiful and creative way with someone who really cares about these moments. The audience who have seen the video so far have been so touched by what I do and the love I have for what I do they have felt that connection I so wanted to give.
I am so pleased that I can show this to potential clients for them to truly understand how we work so that they know how important it is to me to capture the true them.

Here is the link to Jade's AMAZING video. When you watch it you will want a photoshoot with her, believe me!!


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  1. Amazing photos! I really want to get some professional photos of my baby boy done xx

    1. I know they grow so fast don't they! can't wait to fill my house with photos xx


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