Saturday, 9 August 2014

My thoughts about becoming a Mum of 4

In January I will become a Mum of 4 Children aged 5, 3, and 2.  I actually can't believe I am pregnant again with my forth, these last 5 years have flown by.  When I had my daughter in 2009 I did want more children but fancied another when annabelle was about 2-3 and 5 year gap then 2 more.  Obviously broodiness took over.

I feel excited just as I did with my first pregnancy, still look at my scan photo's amazed that I have that little baby inside me.  The thoughts about what he will look like, what characteristics he will have, how the children will be together.

I feel nervous about the birth just like my other pregnancies.  I had 3 great labours so really I shouldn't worry.  But I do have memories of the pressure I felt as my babies 1 and 3 were back labours and the thought of it worries me.  The contractions don't worry me at all, that's whats so good about Gas and Air and a water birth but the pressure it doesn't stop.  But it may be like labour no2, a breeze in comparison and I was induced that time.

I do wonder what it will be juggling my newborn and Joseph my 26 month old at the time of my due date. I think because he is now 21 months old and a little monkey, infact my other half has nicknamed him tornado :)  He is a loving little boy but a little on the boystrious side and times make his older brother and sister upset.  I know he would be a bit older so hopefully easier!  Annabelle and Callum I have no worries on jugging them too as I'm sure they will become my helpers.. maybe or maybe not.

I feel I am a busy mum of 3 and I have coped so far, i'm sure I will be fine.  We just learn to adapt to new experiences and it will be an amazing experience i'm sure.


  1. Four children under the age of five, you will certainly have your hands full!..But I think it will be great too. I look at large families and think that it must be great when the children are older and out of nappies. If they get on nicely - most of the time - they always have a playmate on hand and when they are older it must be nice to have busy, crazy family get togethers.

    I hope all goes smoothly with the birth and that your little helpers look after their baby brother and Mum.

    1. Thank you for your comment Debbie :)
      Yes I know I will be even more busy! I love having my children and they love one another so much!
      I am sure they will, and thank you I hope so too :)


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