Tuesday, 12 August 2014

15-16 Weeks Pregnant Bump Update with Baby #4

For the weeks 15/16 weeks its just a quick update.  The reason being I had no symptoms that I can point out! This is probably because I have had all 3 children at home since the last couple of weeks in July.  School Holidays ahhh!!

The main event in this time was the gender scan where we found out its another boy.  So I will be a mum of 1 Girl and 3 Boys!! The children loved seeing the baby on the screen :)

I found out at my scans I have an anterior placenta so I haven't been feeling many movements, to be honest none I can actually really say yes that is the baby.

One main difference is I have a bump showing this time however what I am not happy about is the fact when I sit down its just a massive layer of fat.  I don't get it.  I'm usually a size 10/12 and feel I am putting weight on everywhere this pregnancy so planning to go a weekly swim.

I am tired most of the time but still go to sleep too late.  I can't get out of my sleep pattern pre- pregnancy where I was working my online business in the evenings.


  1. You look amazing! I felt the same way you do about my body at around the 15/16 week mark. In fact, it's only been as my bump has got even bigger and rounder that I've felt good! Lovely to see you at the #BlogBumpClub - hope you're getting a moment to yourself in between the mayhem of the school hols! x

    1. Thank You Molly :)
      Im glad to hear that can be normal, I know I will feel a lot better when its a bigger bump!
      Its great to be part of the #BlogBumpClub :)
      My other half lets me escape the house for coffee at my mums in time of need! Hehe!!

  2. I hated the stage when people would know if I was pregnant or just had a fat belly. As the lady above said... I feel better about myself the bigger my bump gets too.

    For me at that stage the tiredness was unbareable. I was tired 24/7 and its hard with a toddler who no longer naps in the day. xx


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