Saturday, 16 August 2014

17 Weeks Pregnant Bump Update with Baby #4

This Photo was taken when I was 17 weeks exactly, as you can see my bump is growing, looks bigger in some clothes than others.

I have been so tired this week, I know the school holidays have a lot to do with it but by 4 I look forward until 8pm when my little ones are asleep! I do not get 5 minutes to sit down and relax.  My children are going through a fighting stage, mainly the boys, its seriously draining telling them off.

When you have 3 young children ( I cannot comment for mums with bigger age gaps) you do not have time to 'be pregnant' as you are a busy mum already.  So relaxing is out of the question but on the other hand I am so lucky to have my 3 children so can't complain.

I forgot to mention last week that I am 'high risk' this pregnancy.  The reason being that Annabelle my first born who was born on her due date was a little dot at 5lb 15 oz but she is now! However they have to put that in consideration.  They have changed the rules  since my boys as I was low risk then. The only difference is this time I get a earlier midwife appointment and 2 growth scans.  However I have been informed that I may not get the scans.  We shall see!

I have been good and not actually bought any clothes yet. However I did buy this pair of cute hats from George!

Symptoms- Heartburn now and again, tiredness, Tender Boobs- probably have to go up a cup size, this pregnancy they have grown earlier.

Cravings- None really but as I still can't stand the thought of tea ive been drinking cappuccino, the nescafe ones are pretty good

Sleep- Good however do listen to relaxing bump/baby music to get me to sleep- think ive got a bit of anxiety

Maternity Clothes- Still not in them, I live in legging and long tops.

Stretch Marks- No

Missing anything- wine and the gym- no point in joining yet but i feel I could do with it

Movement- Tiny little kicks but nothing certain as it happens quick and not regular - plus I have an anterior placenta so will feel the movements later

Gender- Boy

Happy or Moody- Bit of Both :)

Best Moment this week- Spending time with my family in wales, watching the Children play on the beach and have lots of fun

I am looking forward to- Going away for the weekend with my mum at the end of the month, I will really get some time off.

                                                     Victoria x

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  1. Hope you have a lovely weekend away with your mum and enjoy some "me time". I was in maternity bras from 14 weeks this time around so I can totally relate to the boob thing! Thank you for linking up to #BlogBumpClub - huge respect to you for being pregnant with three little ones in tow. Pregnancy is hard work anyway, let alone when you have children already! xx


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