Friday, 8 August 2014

Pregnant with Baby #4 - Finding out the Gender

I am now 17 weeks Pregnant, at 15+6 weeks I went for a gender scan at Take a Peek in St Helens.  I booked this as a treat as we had never been to a private scan with my other pregnancies and it was our 10 year Anniversary so thought it was a great idea.

I did think it was a Girl, but no he is all Boy :)  One thing I have learned is to never believe it was a certain gender as its so hard to get your head around it.  I should have know, I guessed my other 3 children's genders wrong too! Seeing him on the screen was amazing, he was very laid back though, not too much movement.

It was great finding out but im not sure I would do it next time, bet you think you crazy mum :) I love to have a big family, i'm near enough there now with 4 Children this January.  If I was to be pregnant again I think I would be Team Yellow.

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