Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Did we get our school choice for September?

Wooooo Hooooo............We got our first choice of schools which I am so happy about.

I actually did the application on the last day of the deadline because I was so unsure, my gut feeling was telling me not to pick the nearest school which is a 10 minute walk away.

I choose (I say I because Phil didn't have a clue he just said you decide) a small village school which is a 3mile drive away.  It only has about 50 children in the whole school, not everyone's cup of tea but mine and hopefully Annabelle's.  I have heard there are only 8 children starting in Reception which compared to most schools of 30 a very small amount of children.  When I peep through the window at Annabelle's Preschool I notice she becomes very shy in big groups whereas I have been told she is so confident in small groups.

The school was actually my Grandma's primary school 65 years ago and my grandma can't wait to join me on open day.  My grandma lived in the village and had to walk in all weathers as cars were only for the rich at the time, I will be driving Annabelle, how times change.

Annabelle is going to look gorgeous in her red uniform.  My mum can't believe that her baby's baby is starting school.

I hope all the parents got there choice

   Victoria x


  1. Just stumbled across your blog, it's lovely. So glad you got your school choice too.

    New follower: http://sugarplumandsaddleshoes.blogspot.co.uk


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