Thursday, 8 December 2011

Thank You so much to 'NEXT'

    A couple of weeks ago we were spoilt by NEXT!!  We were invited down to Next HQ in Leicestershire to meet all the lovely ladies that bring all the lovely clothes that we see and buy in Next!
  I was invited because I am on the NEXT bloggers network and I am a mummy as the event was a mummy bloggers event.  I can not tell you how well the lovely ladies organised it, we were asked in advance if we were driving or getting the train and that we would be reimbursed the money for fuel.  Also I was given £50 gift card to buy outfits for the children. How fantastic!!  We also Choose in advance our 3 course meal for myself and the children.

Well this is what happened...

 When we arrived we were greeted by Ellie and Vicki who showed us to the Mock shop where all the other mummy bloggers were. I was so impressed, there was tea, juice and cakes and more for everyone and lots of toys for both ages.  We were able to look around at the clothes and I can tell you they are beautiful.  Annabelle had her eye on some boots that had little bunny ears and the eyes and nose and I really feel that the price is affordable compared to the shoe shops.  The children had professional Photos taken which I love!!

 We were then guided to a lovely country pub/restaurant and i sat by 2 brilliant mummy blogger realsuburbanmummy  and Mummy Loves .  It was so lovely to get to know them.  The food was gorgeous, I would go back there and pay!  Jo Jingles was the entertainment and she was fantastic though I have to say Annabelle was Petrified of the dressed up Jo!! She Hid, although Laura( one of the lovely ladies at Next) took her over to say bye!!

 When we left the Children were given a Peppa Pig bag and a monkey bag with goodies inside and I was given the most gorgeous Scarf and Gloves and a gift Card!! My mum and I have the most gorgeous Slippers!!!

 Thank You for the wonderful day and opportunity we are still very grateful for all your hard work.

 I am not a big fan of next but a HUGE fan!! I hope to meet you again.

 Victoria, Annabelle and Callum x


  1. aww those photos they took for you are lovely sound slike you had a great time :)

  2. I Did Sarah!!! The event was fantastic!! xx

  3. Hi I went to the next event too :) it was such a great day, really hope they do it again. Really gorgeous photos xx

  4. Memoir Mode, I do too and I hope I get to go again hehe!! Thank You!! Going to come and have a look at your blog x

  5. I am catching up on blogs so sorry I am late commenting! It was lovely to meet you and Annabelle and Callum, they are beautiful children and very well behaved! Hope to meet up again at some other events in the future! x

  6. It was brilliant Mummy Mummy Mum, would love to be invited again :) !! Thank You xx


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