Thursday, 8 December 2011

We have moved House!!

 Last weekend we moved house!!!  We have moved back to a lovely little village we used to live when Annabelle was a baby, I am at 'home' again!!  We moved away from this area due to the fact that I was pregnant again and we had to go down to one car.  I realised that I can survive for one car for a while as long as we were happy.  The children have their friends close by and she will start pre-school  in September so will most likely go to primary school with the same Children.  We also have gone from a 2 bed to a 3 bed which makes a difference, both children sleep better which is brilliant!!
 We have got into the village community very quickly, going to the tots groups and I went quiz night the other night with some lovely mums!
  I do miss my mum and I know she misses me too.  We lived on the same close so leaving was like leaving home again.  She would pop over for coffee most afternoons and due to mum working and school pick ups the days are limited.  I live approx 25 mins away so not far but seems it.  My friend text me the other week and said 'we are going to the USA for 2 years' this made me feel a bit silly.  However I think its Brilliant that I have a strong bond with my mum and I hope that I have the same with my children when they are my age!!

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