Thursday, 15 December 2011

Good Luck Charlie, The Road Trip Movie (aka it's Christmas) TODAY DISNEY CHANNEL 6PM


  I've always been a big fan of family movies, nothing better than all the family watching a film instead of adults only.  I am looking forward to that day with Annabelle and Callum.

  Thought you would be interested in knowing that there is a new Disney film on the DISNEY CHANNEL TODAY called Good Luck charlie, The road Trip Movie ( aka it's Christmas ) .  It is a comedy starring a teen sensation Bridgit Mendler who stared in the original Disney movie, Lemonade mouth.  It is said to be twice as funny and entertaining.  There are quite a few characters that is adults will recognise also.

 The Duncan family go on a holiday to the Parm Springs just before Christmas which turns into a disaster.  Teddy and Amy get separated at the airport and has to find his way back to his family before Christmas and you can just imagine that that wasn't an easy task but very funny for the audience.

Here is the YouTube Link for the Preview- Looks Great!!  It is on the Disney channel  609 at 6pm!!


  1. Thanks for the post! I am so looking forward to being able to watch all these family flms and children's programs again when my daughter is born without feeling silly! (though I may have to wait a couple of years yet!) It will definitely be worth the sleepless nights! xx

  2. Emma, start watching them now :) Annabelle is just over 3 and half and I can sit with her and enjoy but my 11 month old has different ideas!!lol!! Oh i say watch them when you are up in the night! Its so exciting having your first baby!!! xx


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