Friday, 30 December 2011

Do you ever stick to your New Years Resolutions? Need Help??...

  Let's face it, sticking to New Years Resolutions is a nightmare even if you haven't got children but when you have its even harder.  In a recent channel 4 poll, 95% of Brits make a new year's resolution, most popular 'getting fit' and 'saving money' are abandoned after the first month, sound familiar? :)  The survey found that if other people have got the same resolution it would help them stick to it which leverages the power of social media and peer support.
  New Year revolution is a 31 day challenge that feautures fun and provacative daily missions from Channel 4's new TV presenters.  You can choose from 3 New Years Revolutions which are

  • Get Fit
  • Save Money
  • Try Something New
  Then every day for 31 days of January a specific mission is set by the TV presenter.  You will be able to follow the presenters missions and see their achievement on the wall of achievement.  There is a potential of stardom as some users will be featured on the wall if they are the first to complete a revolution or upload great content.  The challenge is fully integrated into twitter and Facebook which allows your social networks to see what your up to and offer encouragement.

 My New Years Resolution is ..... Save Money therefore I will be following Mrs MoneyPenny.  I have joined up and sent my pledge on twitter @VictoriaJayne23!! If you join send me a tweet :) 

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