Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Need to look and feel good... Davina at Next knows the answer!!

   PRE CHILDREN  Before I got pregnant with Annabelle my no1 hobby was going to the gym.  I loved working out and once I got into a routine there was no stopping me.  I went to Banantynes 4-5 times a week and took the classes that I loved, my favourite was intermediate Step.  I loved Swimming too, partly because I could touch the bottom of the swimming pool, I am not the most confident swimmer.  I used to relax there as I had no responsibilies, oh how things change in 4 years!!!!

 POST CHILDREN-  When both the children came along I joined the gym about 3 months after they were born.  I had all the intention in the world as I thought ' Me Time Yes Please'   Well I may aswell had given Duncan Banantyne £600 both times!!!  I was too tired to go at 8o Clock at night.  By that time i wanted to cosy in front of the t.v with a cup of tea and a biscuit! 

NOW- I have recently moved house, we are in a little routine and i'm thinking 'I need to exercise'!! This time I will not be going the gym, 1) its too far now and 2) I have learned my lessons.  I have asked Santa for a Workout DVD so me and Annabelle can exercise whilst Callum is having a nap!!  I am also going to start zumba or pilates with the girls in the village, maybe go for a run down the canal!! But I need to look good in what i'm wearing! Don't you think!!  

  'Davina at Next' is a new range of work out and post workout clothing that are coming out Spring 2012 and the range is gorgeous!! We all know Davina has been fantastic at encouraging us mummy's to shape up in a healthy way which is brilliant!!

I will show you what I own now and what I would buy instead, there is no contest as you will see!!

Here we have a photo of me in my only workout clothes!! 

I would feel fantastic in the following outfits!! 

       I love that they are casual yet sporty! Davina said  'My approach was to concentrate on what I would wear, thinking very carefully about the details that matter to me, like a  place for my mp3 player or reflective strips on the bottoms- essential when your jogging in the early morning or at dusk.  And I've ensured the workout tops are extremely solid and secure so your boobs won't be bobbling around while you work out' Clever Lady!

Now for footwear- Check these out 

I was always so embarrassed wearing these

Here is 'Davina at Next' Range of Footwear

  Using Next's F.I.T technology Davina has developed a line of stylish everyday shoes that offer comfort, performance and muscle activation.  These gorgeous ballerina shoes reduce stress on the bearing joints  therefore better than normal shoes and trainers.  Here are some of my favourites... 


  I would LOVE to get my hands on 'Davina at Next' sooner.  I would love to have more confidence and when you look good you feel good! Don't you think?  I will defiantly show you on my Channel when I do!!!

 I love the fact that 'Davina at Next' can be used for a variety of occasions.  I like to take my children for a walk around the village but its hard to know what to wear at this time of year.  I love the idea of the shoes and  the reason they were made, I would like to find out how different my feet felt after wearing them and there effects.  Finally I would Love to look like this...


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Victoria xx

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