Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Man Flu through a women's eyes


This Ladies is a man pictured above with 'Man Flu' He apparently feels very poorly and I should feel extremely sorry for him.  This man is Phil, my other half, my children's father.

 I had to collect Annabelle from Nursery and it was very important that I took Joseph.  Two boys for the maximum of one hour was too much to bear when you have Man Flu.

 Whilst I was out the poorly patient was able to take silly photos and post onto facebook. His reasons (excuse) 'I look good all the time' Alright for some hey!

 I was shocked to find that they actually sell a medicine called Man Flu in boots!! Now the people who made and sell this medicine had a great idea to make some money from silly men but is actually making them believe it exists.

 I have to admit that I was not sympathetic as I was poorly for more than a week with my sinuses which affected my eyesight, I got told to see an optician.

 As he was working at the time I had no choice but to get on with my day as usual. Man flu is worse apparently and he sneaked up to bed numerous times which made me quite mad I have to say.

 My mum said she heard scientists had proven man flu is real!

What do you think Girls???


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Victoria xx

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