Thursday, 2 February 2012

More Than Just a Holiday

When I was 4 months pregnant with Annabelle my dad and step mum Tina moved to Brittany in France, they had planned to go for years so it wasn't a shock but not fantastic timing.  We managed to book the ferry to go in September when Annabelle was 5 months old.  I just thought I was going to visit them but this holiday turned out to be more than just a holiday...

Brittany is in Northern France and we were lucky to be staying quite close to the coast.  I love seaside holidays, the sea equals holiday to me.  My Dad and Tina had only seen Annabelle when she was about a month old so this was a special time, even though it wasn't said you could see by my dads behaviour.  The photo below was a precious moment, and we didn't know how precious at the time.

It was an exciting time as Annabelle dipped her little toes in the sea for the first time, she wasn't very impressed but mummy and daddy were excited.
 My partner Phil was able to play as all he did and does is work so this holiday was some time out for him.  This is my dads house in the background, he is a brilliant gardener just wish he had done mine before he went!!

We visited beautiful places and took some fantastic photos such as this photos below.  
Love this Photo, family all together for once
One of the Places on the coast we were shown, you don't get this in the uk

We loved visiting the sealife centre, adults love it as much as Children, just fantastic watching  animals that you don't see everyday

The reason the trip to Brittany France was more than just a holiday was because it was a moment that perspectives about life changed.  My dad and Tina realised that living in France wasn't enough, family is what matters in life.  They didn't want to miss out on Annabelle growing up, they wanted to be grandparents, not strangers.  Problems from the past were forgotten and we were able to see things in a different light and start again.  Going on this holiday was the first time that someone had realised I wasn't myself.  My dad who didn't see my everyday noticed I was very anxious and my behaviour wasn't normal, it turned out I was suffering from postnatal anxiety.

 Thanks to this wonderful holiday I was able to go to the doctors and get better which helped the relationship between me and Phil and made me a better mum, or made me know I was a great mum.  My dad and Tina put their house up for sale and now are living 20 minutes away and are the grandparents they longed to be.

Furthermore we are happier!!

This post is part of the Tots100 and Al Fresco competition 

Here is the Al Fresco website, makes you want to go on holiday again!! 


  1. Fab post - how lovely that a holiday brought the family back together again!

  2. Thank you Sally,it really did make the family close!


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