Sunday, 12 February 2012

When your heating doesn't work it makes you appreciate it even more when it does!!

 I have a routine on the most part with heating, its on for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening!  So about 4 oclock on friday to my horror the heating wasn't coming on.  At first I thought must be my imagination but no.... the bloody oil had ran out.... 2nd though ... bloody Philip!!! So on the phone I go, ' do you realise the heating isn't coming on, do you think the oil has run out' Phil replies ' Oh bloody hell I will sort it out asap!! But it was a friday night about 5, impossible! He was just trying to make me feel better or stop me from telling him off, one of the two!!!
 As it happens we didn't get any oil and furthermore Phil helped out at his friends pub straight after his day job, so off to work I went making sure the children would be warm enough.  I added a extra sheet on Annabelle's bed (just like my grandma does everyday still) we just have a duvet and its done.  Also added about 3 blankets and 2 hot water bottles, one was Callums but he doesn't have one yet, so she had one for her to cuddle and one for her toes!!  Callum had his sleeping bag, a duvet and a few blankets!  I also put the electric blanket on my bed with the added blanket on top of the duvet.  So at least we were all cosy!  I blasted their rooms with a fan heater before they went to sleep which helped.
  Annabelle slept a dream, Callum on the other hand was up 12am- 2 am so as you can imagine I was not a happy mummy as I was freezing!!! All I could think off was heat so at 2 am I was on the internet searching out local oil companies.
  Thankfully I found out we could pick up some small barrels to get us by until pay day as who really has £300 to buy 500lts of Oil,  not us for certain! Well unless we had no food for a month and a half!!  Thank goodness for budget schemes hey!
  So i am now all cosy on the sofa very thankful of heat and very wary of the oil going down!!



  1. Arggh there is nothing worse then your heating going. In our old place the heating broke down with Seb was about 7 weeks ago and it was January, we ended up having to stay at my parents until it got fixed! x

  2. Oh its horrible isn't it! never happens in summer though does it!! Luckly it was only 24 hours because the oil ran out! remember heating breaking a few years ago for a couple of days lucky was before children however I was a big baby :) x

  3. Gosh I could not imagine having to rely on remembering to get oil in for my heating. Glad you got sorted out.

    Mich x

  4. On a plus side as we use before we buy it helps save money, doesn't stop it being annoying though :)


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