Thursday, 9 February 2012

Organic Savouries Veg & Oat Bars in Tomato and Carrot Review

Organix have lauched a new product to their range...

Organic Savouries Veg & Oat Bars in Tomato and Carrot!

 I was asked to review this product which states its 'No Junk Promise' and full of goodness which is aimed for toddlers.

 I love my children to eat healthy food and its great when they think its a fun snack.  My children are both huge fans of fresh fruit and my daughter loves eating baby tomatoes.  However they are not keen on their other vegetables, they take after their dad!!  I am a big believer in introducing a variety of foods early on as the food is normal to them rather than different.  I remember eating a curry for the first time about 15 years old and to be honest it took me a while to get used to them.  When I started working in a nursery children were eating chicken korma and enjoying it. Brilliant!!

 Anyway back to the review....

 This savoury snack contains a blend of organic wholegrain oat, barley malt extract, carrot juice and dried tomato, it looks like a red coloured flapjack.  The packaging went down a treat with Annabelle, she wanted me to open the packet as soon as she saw it.  I offered her one, unfortunately she took one bite and said she didn't like it.  Now she is going through the terrible twos and has become an extremely fussy eater at times, you know, when it suits!!!  Callum on the other hand wasn't interested in the packaging but as soon as he saw the snack unwrapped his hands were out and he gobbled it all up!! He is 1 years old so I think its a great time to introduce this product, my daughter is almost 3 and is past that stage in my opinion.  Its a great product to pop in your nappy bag  for those spontaneous moments or a snack on the go.

The Savoury snack retails at £2.49 but as a savvy mummy we know supermarkets surprise us with great offers!!

Here is the Organix website
Here is the Organix facebook page
Here is the Organix twitter page

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