Monday, 6 February 2012

Callum is 1 years Old!!!

 Well at the end of January my little baby boy turned 1 years old!!  His first year has just flown by, I remember being told I was induced like it was yesterday!!  We took him to see his Great Grandma and Grandad, then my mum and youngest brother came, so he got to get some fantastic present and huge cuddles from his mamma and uncle H!!  We then went to a playbarn and met up with our friends who have 2 little girls, 1 just a bit older than Annabelle and a newborn!!  Both Annabelle and the Birthday boy had a great time, it was Callum's first time in a playbarn where he was able to explore himself! It was a lovely family day out!!  We ended the afternoon by visiting my Dad and Step mum, their Nannie and Grandad!  It was a lovely day that at least myself and Phil will remember!!  

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