Sunday, 11 December 2011

Would like to get Super Duper Organised!!

 You may have noticed a couple of months ago I hardly posted.  I got to the point that I couldn't cope with everything, maybe due to my slight anxiety, i'm not sure.  I was looking after 2 children who needed and still need a lot of my attention, housework, trying to organise money as one wage coming in is hard.  I went to London with my friend, who doesn't blog or go on social networking sites convinced me that i was getting too obsessive so I took a step back.

  I then started receiving emails from PR's commenting on my blog and how they liked it, it gave me a boost and I realised how much I missed it, interacting with other bloggers, companies and PR's. I have had the chance to meet Elmo and the lovely people at next as well as meet fantastic bloggers in person.  I'm not stopping, my blogging journey has just begun.

  I do need to get organised, whats great is that we live in a new house in a lovely area.  I have more space and Annabelle's room is also a playroom if I need to be upstairs.  Both Myself and my partner do not follow a routine, so we haven't got up at a certain time etc.  Phil is not organised however this weekend, I don't know what has happened to him.  He has done loads of jobs around the house and helped with the children more.

 My plan is to keep the house tidy as we go along. I do make myself rest when Callum has a nap or I won't sit down all day!!

 Do you have a routine?? Love any advice as my organisation has gone since I left work!

 Victoria x


  1. hey hun, i just wanted to drop a quick comment here, i go through anxiety allll the time. My life is normally a million miles an hour and sometimes things don't go to plan. I only blog about fashion and life and thats even hard to fit in, even though im wearing the dam clothes, lol! Its so hard as a woman and a mummy to fit everything in to the day. but you do whats best for you, blog when you can and more importantly when you want! I was putting pressure on myself a few months back but then realised its a hibby that i enjoy and therefore shouldnt be stressy. I love reading your blogs so i hope youve got your blogging mojo back, but just dont worry i say!!
    Wow that wasnt so much a quick comment sorry, more of an essay lol!
    Take care hun!

  2. Oh thats so lovely hun :) Thank you so much! Yes im a sufferer, was worst pre and post pregnancy but i will always have it! I love blogging, its my little escape to be honest. It is so hard as a mummy to fit it in with everything else. We have now moved house so settling well. I have my mojo back yay!! xx

  3. yay for you! it is hard hun, i'll be the first to admit that. few months ago i was trying to do everything and failing dismally. Now i just do what i can. But just make sure your happy. I love blogging too, its just that little bit of space thats all yours and i love that! And ive "met" some lovely people (like yourself) through doing this. You take care of yourself hun xx


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