Saturday, 3 January 2015

Getting anxiety over Labour

I had to write about this, I think its very common.  This will be my 4th labour and its playing over and over in my mind.

I've had 3 good labours, first labour was long but I was only in proper labour for 12 hours, second labour I was induced but it was quick, 4 hours from first contraction and my third labour was 6 hours. Both labours one and three were water births and with all three I only used gas and air.

From my experience being as relaxed as possible makes a less painful birth, I felt in my third labour I got so anxious about the labour I paicked and it was painful from the first contraction.  It didn't help they started 3 minutes apart, I thought he was going to be born at home.

If I think about what i'm worried about its just the non knowing how I will cope even though pain relief is there.   I can't stand the pressure feeling you get in labour, I didn't get it with my induced labour as my waters were broken, I'm wondering if breaking my waters will stop that feeling.

I have been doing some hypnobirthing audios and listening to relaxing music everyday, I've watched some people have amazing births so I am planning to use these audios/music in labour.

After my last labour we were allowed home less than 4 hours after I had given birth.  I remember it didn't help as was weird I had left the house at 5pm, returned at 1am with another little person.  I kept playing the labour over and over and made me feel anxious over it.  I don't know why it was a good birth.

I do know that once my little boy is in my arms it won't matter!

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