Friday, 2 January 2015

38 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #4

Decided to do a Pregnancy Update!!

This pregnancy has been a breeze yet this year has been tough which means the pregnancy was pushed aside, feeling negative about other things in my life has taking the joy and excitement away.  Hence the no updates.  I am so sad I haven't updated as I know how amazing it is to look back at times that you have forgotten.  I decided to start blogging here again so hopefully this won't happen again.

So I have announced that this baby is a boy, my third boy! Crazy I always expected that I would have more girls than boys! We have only yesterday decided on a name, I will announce when he is here but I love very similar names and we have a middle name theme with our children, each child has a royal middle name, so you've guessed it he has one too :)

My symptoms at the moment, I can't fall asleep very easily.  I have to say the whole pregnancy I listen to Pregnancy relaxing music to get me to sleep but that doesn't even help! Just the joys of late pregnancy!  I have coccyx ache, only when I sit down on too long or sit on hard surfaces, I guess my pelvis is opening reading you labour.  I think I may be a little bit grumpy too :) But I have got 3 young children, a house and business to do.

Like my last pregnancy I am obsessed with certain smells, one is radox bubble bath. Last Pregnancy I loved the blue one with clary sage, this time I love the green one with Rosemary! Honestly smells amazing and it really relaxes me so I do have a bath every night.

He is quite a mover since about 25 weeks, Ive got a feeling he will be like Josephs weight at birth! So a 7lber. Joseph was 7lb 9oz 5 days late!

My bump is not that big really especially for my forth pregnancy is 5 years.  It took a while for the bump to get hard but its like i've stuffed a ball under my top!

I will update my bump photo asap

Due to my first child Annabelle being a small baby, she was 5lb 15oz at 40 weeks, due date baby the hospital give you growth scans, he is fine,  on the scale, around the middle of average point! He was sucking his fingers through the last 2 scans, Below is one of the photos from 36 weeks

I am nesting but its just because mess grates on me and I know when the baby is born I have to sit back and leave it to Phil, a challenge in itself.

I have had no labour signs, with both my non induced pregnancies my waters just don't break until the end so I just get contractions.  I hope they don't start every 3 minutes like last time, freaked me out!

I am really excited about meeting my little boy I just know he is going to bring a lot of happiness to my life, plus his Sister and Brothers are ready to meet him.

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