Friday, 2 January 2015

Changes I want to make in 2015 to make me a happier Me

I've decided to write down some goals that I have for this year! These are different kind of goals as goals should be thinking big, yet I am thinking how to be happier.

  • I want to smile and laugh more

  • I want to feel less anxious

  • I want to spend more quality time with Phil, this last year we have not spend hardly any quality time and its obvious.  I want that great relationship, feeling secure.

  • I want to spend more quality time with the Children, I especially want to spend some one on one time with Annabelle.  She is 5 now and as I had Callum before she was 2 I really haven't made the time to have mummy and daughter time.  Annabelle wants to start Ballet so I think that will be our time together bonding

  • I want to be and feel more organised with my daily routines, business, life in general

  • I want to have more me time. that may be getting up before the Children, that will be a challenge as Im so used to them waking me. 

  • Go to bed earlier, I have got in a routine of going to sleep too late

  • More days out as a family

  • Blog more, this last year I have pushed this blog to the side.  Now I feel sad I have not documented my Children's year more

  • I would love to make some more friends

  • I want to be able to buy things for my family without worrying if we have enough money

  • I want to save money

  • I want to have a hobby or join the gym

  • I want to see my family more, especially my grandparents

  • I want to really start my youtube channels

  • I want to make my house feel more homely, so more photos etc up
That is all I can think of right now at 8 pm! :)

I will be making sure 2015 I am a happier me

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