Thursday, 1 January 2015

Excited for 2015 as a Mummy of 4 (almost)

I am so excited for my journey in 2015, I really am!

2014 was not the best year I have had but thinking positively I have grown into a stronger person and learnt a lot about myself.

In 2 weeks time I am due to give birth to baby no4, a little boy.  I have a girl and 2 boys so my third boy! I am so excited to meet him and give him lots of kisses!

Annabelle is in Year 1, loves school, I want her to start ballet or gymnastics, I love watching my confident little girl grow and can't wait to do more mummy and daughter outings seen as we are outnumbered :)

Callum is in pre-school, he starts reception in September, which I can't believe! I am so going to make the most if the thursdays and fridays he is at home, he is such a mummy's boy!

Joseph my little cheeky chappy is 2 and is at home with mummy, from experience they grow up and start school ever so quickly, I am going to make sure I spend more quality time with him.

My business is going great, I love what I do and love sharing the products with others.  I especially love watching my team grow and get messages of how excited they are is just wonderful!

One of the things I want to do this year is share more of my life with this blog.  I am a positive person and when I feel negative I can't seem to write and share. I guess its because I am a big believer in spreading positivity! I love watching youtube vlogs from mums from the uk, australia and america and would love to do more videos!

I have wrote my goals for 2015 down, I will share them with you tomorrow!

Happy New Year

           Love Victoria xox

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